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Keep professional, accurate statistics of a full soccer season and of each game
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DakStats Soccer Sports Software allows you to keep accurate statistics of a full soccer season. These include data about each of the games, about each player’s performance, tactics used, location information, officials, and many more. It allows you to configure your own teams, select the right players for each game, and keep precise statistics of all their actions in the field.

This professional tool provides you with all the tools you need to keep track of all details around a soccer match. It can connect NJCAA and NAIA servers to allow you download information about affiliated teams that you can later customize, or you can create your own team and add it to the teams’ database. Each game is minutely recorded to provide you with highly comprehensive statistics and reports. Together with the basic information (the teams involved, score, or tournament), the file created for each game may include details such as if it was a night game, a neutral field, the number of attendees, how many tickets were sold, if it was webcast or not, the name of the three referees, etc.

But probably the most interesting feature of this tool regarding game statistics is the play-to-play entry form. Here you can record each shot, foul, save, post, crossbar, penalty kick, game winning goal, etc. (up to more than thirty different events), in which each player was involved. This can be down either in real time (while the game is taking place) or by filling it in using your notes once the game is over. This exhaustive recording of data will produce extremely comprehensive and high-quality reports that coaches can use to improve their team’s performance.

DakStats Soccer Sports offers you a professional tool to track and analyze every event that takes place during a soccer game.

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  • Keeps track of every single action that takes place during a soccer game
  • Produces in-depth performance reports
  • Allows you to keep exhaustive records of all the games in a season


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